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Taking a personal day today. Just one class but it’s a lecture and the prof said nothing was due nor anything important was being done today. 

I’ve been exceptionally busy and I just need a day to garner mental strength again. I really hate to not get anything done, but I just need time away from everything immediately around me. Just one day.

October 1st — The Phantom Army


Imagine: you are sound asleep, comfortably resting in a house rich with character and history. It has been your dream to sleep in historical homes. You move in the soft bed to get more comfortable when it sounds like an explosion erupts below you. Shrieks of horror echo throughout the house. You may be tired, but is that gunfire?

Jumping out of bed, you rush downstairs, unafraid of what you might experience on the floor below. The final turn down the winding staircase is met with another explosion. Canons? You are led to the ballroom by the deafening noises. A cold chill runs down your spin as you enter the ballroom. The confusion and horror is met with the grizzly scene that has no place in a home like this.

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October is among us! What a great time of the year.